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michelle law & emerald mojica


Drs. Michelle Law & Emerald Mojica, DC

Chiropractors for Pregnancy, Pediatrics, + Performance

We offer gentle and holistic chiropractic care and have a focus in preconception, pregnancy+postpartum, pediatrics and performance. Our vision is to create future generations of brighter lives – and we do that by working with individuals and families today, starting now.

The thought that the eggs we were half made from was inside our mothers when they were developing inside our grandmothers is what sparked our focus on preconception and pregnancy. The belief that each of us have an important impact in this world is what sparked our passion and desire to serve our community the best we can.

We are fueled by the idea that we can serve the world and humanity by improving individual lives – acting as a catalyst in healing, and helping people express more wellbeing. Your health powers your ability to do your things, feel your best and be “who you are”. Being embodied and in your life with energy, focus and vitality – that’s what chiropractic care is about.

Chiropractic care supports the accurate transmission of information within the nervous system from birth and beyond. We collaborate with you to unravel the layers of stresses you’ve experienced, reconnect you with the healing and thriving power within and implement shifts in your daily habits to create long-term change.

We help you feel AND function better – because your emotional state and physical state are remarkably connected, and your nervous system is involved. Whether it’s pain, challenges with sleep quality, digestive issues, anxiety and/or depression or asthma, it’s vital to ensure optimal communication between your brain and the rest of your body.

We each had personal experiences with care that led us to consider chiropractic as a profession, but recognizing the incredible changes happening in the lives of others who were getting adjusted ultimately inspired and propelled us to move forward with it. (The story is so much longer and more interesting than that, so feel free to ask if you’re curious!)

There are common assumptions about what chiropractic care does, what it’s for and how it’s done. What is less known is that there are over a hundred techniques within chiropractic and a variety of ways to see and support a human’s experience in their body. We apply different approaches depending on the person and day, and when something else may be better suited, we love being able to connect people with those who can serve them well at the time.

Celebrating our practice members and seeing what was previously thought impossible happen is such a rewarding part of our lives. Seeing little ones run back with joy to get adjusted is another. We are inspired by a multitude of things, but on a daily basis, it’s the moments of hope, perseverance and genuine connection that make everything worth it.

We are a catalyst. You are the healer. Together, we spark the brightest you.


How to book: Use this link, call 206.483.7207, or email info@catalysthealthstudio.com

Services offered: Gentle and holistic chiropractic care for preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, babies to adults and optimal performance.

Rates: Varies based on services provided

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After an initial consultation and examination is completed, we will offer 2 complimentary adjustments to anyone who mentions Three Moon Collective.

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