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Describe what you do and also WHY you do it

I help people learn one of life’s most important skills: happiness. Cultivating happiness within yourself and as a way of being is a wild-ride of tears, laughter, heartbreak, and sweat. You may not always be able to steer the ride, but you can choose the view. Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance in adjusting your view, whether you’re looking at relationships, health, wealth, career, and/or spirituality.  And that’s where sharing my love for hypnotherapy can help.  

What is your methodology and style?  

I practice client-centered hypnotherapy, which differs from most styles of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and coaching. The difference lies in who leads the session. As the name suggests, you (the client) are leading the session. I am there as a guide along your journey ensuring a safe and effective ride.

When did you know that this is what you wanted to do? How did you discover it?

Oh, wow! It’s been a life of lived experiences, you know? I’ve journey through years of working in molecular genetic research to coaching group fitness to serving people as a barista to dedicating many hours of study in medical school. Throughout it all, one constant remained – I love being with people and listening to their stories. It always panged me to hear people stuck in a vicious cycle of patterns and not knowing how to help. Once I experienced the profound effects of hypnotherapy in helping me shift my confidence in myself, I KNEW this was a tool I wanted to learn. Five years later, and the learning continues.   

What do you wish other people knew about what you do?

Hypnotherapy isn’t scary. I promise. You’re in control of the entire experience. Your mind only goes where you want to go. And sometimes, it takes a few sessions, especially if it’s been a lifelong pattern.  

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Seeing people’s lives change instantly. I LITERALLY see physical changes during and after the session. People look and feel lighter. Those bags under the eyes? Yup. Those usually disappear.  

How could someone’s life benefit from what you offer?

Depends upon what someone is seeking. Each person walks away with a greater awareness and understanding of themselves. And most of the time, a change has occurred for the better.  

What inspires you?

My biggest source of inspiration is laughter. I love the sheer joy of a deep belly laugh or a cackle.

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