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Elise Antonio, The Preserve Shop


Elise Antonio

Yoga Teacher & Owner of The Preserve Shop

Hello! My name is Elise and I’m the owner of a small online sustainable items and handmade goods store called The Preserve Shop. I was inspired to start living a more sustainable lifestyle a couple of years ago because I had always loved the natural world (especially the marine environment and the beings who inhabit it!) but my actions weren’t reflecting that. It was time to ‘put my money where my mouth was’ so to speak. Since then, I’ve been doing research on the best actions I can take to help heal our planet, reducing my plastic use, finding ways to limit my carbon footprint, and sharing my findings.

I started my business in April 2018 because I wanted to share my passion of sustainability and choosing well-made items with my larger community. I believe in reducing single-use plastic, purchasing ethically, making long-life items, and living a more sustainable and eco-harmonious existence. I also believe in making a more sustainable lifestyle accessible and easy for all. 

In turn my company is focused on:

  • Making nature-friendly and long-lasting handmade goods that are practical and used in our everyday lives. 5% of all sales from my handmade goods goes to conservation organizations. 
  • Providing low-impact living information to all customers and interested parties.
  • Curating durable housewares and self-care items that will replace single-use plastic items and last you a long time before having to replace them. I’m focusing on sourcing from ethical and sustainable companies who are doing their part to reduce commercial and company waste, providing fair wages to employees, using organic ingredients, and sourcing raw materials sustainably. 
  • Getting back to our roots in nature, believing in magic, whimsy &play, and making things last. 

I’m also a certified yoga teacher who specializes in restorative and gentle classes. I believe yoga and sustainability are inextricably intertwined. Our actions reflect our inner world. The more we tend to our inner ecosystems, the more we tend to see ourselves as part of our outer ecosystems rather than separate. We are all linked in this beautiful, crazy natural world!


The Preserve Shop

How to book: email elise@thepreserveshop.com

Services offered: sustainable talks, pop-up events, vending at your event or party, open to ideas!

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How to book: email antonio@gmail.com

Services offered: private yoga, group yoga, community yoga

Website | Instagram

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