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Do you want better, health, wealth, relationships or happiness?

I use the wisdom of the subconscious to identify and release the underlying causes of concerns in health, wealth, relationships and happiness. Throughout my training in Neuroscience and Epidemiology, I’ve been passionate about identifying root causes in order to prevent mental and cognitive health challenges. My research focus was Alzheimer’s, but research takes decades of data collection. When I discovered there could be a way that I could get straight to the underlying causes, I had to see if it was true! I have been amazed by the discoveries I’ve made and how often they are aligned with existing knowledge!

I know what it feels like.

While my inner scientist finds this work fascinating, I’m also keenly aware of the pain that draws clients to work with me. I  struggled for most of my life with generalized anxiety, depression, horrific self esteem and learning disabilities. Decades of counseling and SSRIs did little to help me change the things I hated about myself. It wasn’t until I discovered EFT and then the Emotion Code and Body Code that I saw real shifts in my life. My depression and anxiety are gone and my brain is better than ever. I feel calm and comfortable in my own skin and can now focus my energy on achieving my goals, rather than battling inner demons. And because I’ve been there, and I know how much things can change, I am driven to be a vehicle of hope for those who feel like they are at the end of their rope.  

Wherever you are at, real change is possible! Let me show you how!

When a client comes to me, they usually have a list of things that they want to change. I proceed through the list, guided by their subconscious, and we address each until each problem is gone. Using the Body Code I can identify 6 major categories of imbalances, including toxins, pathogens, nutritional and emotional underpinnings, and we even release inherited affects. Because it draws from the discoveries in Health sciences, functional medicine, Chinese medicine, energy medicine and epigenetic’s, It is being touted as the most powerful healing system on the planet. Because my success rate is over 95%, and I am often able to help people heal when all other methods have failed, I would tend to agree with that assessment.

The key to magical transformations lies in the subconscious mind!

Why is using the wisdom of the subconscious so powerful?  Because it is always picking up information about whether something is good and bad for us. It’s constantly collecting and assessing information, even while we are busy focusing on other things. It knows more about you than anyone else, and thus treatment is customized to the individual. One of the key benefits of this work is that we get at root causes, and thus solutions, immediately. We don’t need to waste time trying different remedies to see if they will work.  

I have so many client success stories…

The most exciting part of this work is that I regularly get to witness incredible transformations that I and others, never thought were possible! For example, I’ve used the Body Code to help clients get pregnant, recover from PTSD, end addictions, relieve pain and regain functionality, stop seizures, and even reverse advanced Alzheimer’s. I regularly see clients transform into more relaxed, confident and playful versions of themselves. I’ve often helped clients return from the brink of divorce, and even get their power back after narcissistic abuse. The transformations I get to see in my clients inspire me to keep going. Nothing is better than seeing someone after years of being stuck, blossom into a more empowered, joyful and charged version of themselves!

Are you ready to have the health and life you love?  

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