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Katelyn is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She works closely with her clients to explore what they eat, why they eat, and what has been blocking them from lasting change. She was called to this work after healing her own relationship with food which was diminished by extensive dieting and disordered eating. Her journey and holistic education lead her to develop a unique approach that empowers her clients to break free from dieting, stop guessing, and end their battle with willpower forever.

In today’s confusing world of nutrition, Katelyn offers clarity and strategies that can be relied on for life. Her clients enjoy easier weight management, more energy, and other natural benefits of learning to work with the body rather than against it. She supports and guides her clients towards their personal wellness goals, and believes there is no one-size-fits-all solution. She methodically customizes each program and finds great reward in helping her clients develop a healthy lifestyle they’re proud of and love to live.


How to book: through Three Moon Collective

Services offered: Health coaching: Individual sessions, 3 and 6 month programs

Rates: Free 30 min initial consultation

Availability: Thursdays by appointment

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