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Baylee has been practicing yoga off and on since she was young, but things didn’t really start to click for her until she, somewhat accidentally, combined her practice with cannabis. Rather than just listening and responding to instructions in a yoga class, she says she received a whole new understanding of her body and mind and was able to develop a much deeper practice. From there she immediately got her teaching certification and gained a deeper understanding of yoga and learned to combine cannabis in a mindful and self-reflective manner. She’s been attending “ganja yoga” retreats in Colorado for the last two years and hopes to introduce the combo to a wider audience. 

Baylee teaches a very approachable vinyasa class that’s great for beginners, inviting students to have their own personal experience with the poses, the music, and if they wish, their high. Baylee believes that cannabis is not for everyone, but with the right approach, yoga is! So the cannabis part of her class is of course always optional.

She works as a commercial advertising writer/director in Seattle and uses yoga to unwind and de-stress. She hopes to share that same bliss with others.

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