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Ben Katt

Meditation Teacher, Coach & Founder of Still Life Mindfulness

I’ve spent over 15 years leading, innovating, and inspiring at the intersection of spirituality, community, and social impact. As the creator of multiple organizations and projects, facilitator of hundreds of transformational gatherings, and coach of hundreds of leaders, I’m passionate about adapting ancient personal development tools for modern contexts to empower people at home and in the workplace for wellbeing, creativity, collaboration, and impact.

It is an incredible time to be alive! We have technology at our fingertips that increases our productivity, gives us immediate access to any bit of information, and allows us to instantly connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. But as we’re all learning, these tools do something else too. Stress. Distraction. Disconnection from others… and ourselves. It’s not sustainable. I learned this firsthand when I experienced major burnout five years ago. I didn’t want to rush through life like this anymore.

I believe so many people are waking up to this same realization, that we can’t just go, produce, and hustle all of the time. People are realizing the need for spaces and workplaces that make space to pause, recharge, and reconnect with what it means to be human. But we’ve forgotten what this looks like.

This is why I created Still Life – to help leaders, creators, influencers and teams take this journey into wholeness. Still Life is about bringing ancient mindfulness tools – stillness practices – into modern contexts to help individuals, groups, and companies thrive in our rapidly evolving, fast-paced world. Through pop-up community meditation events, meditation course offerings, and customized individual and corporate offerings, I specialize in facilitating and designing heart-forward, community-building, and culture-shifting experiences and environments.

I’m all about helping those on the leading edge of a movement that is redesigning life, leadership, and work for growth, belonging, and impact – and I can’t wait to help you!


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Services offered:

  • Meditation Session/Talk – Helps leaders and teams reduce their stress and boost their creativity by tapping into their inner stillness. This customizable offering can include guided meditation, facilitated conversation, a short or keynote talk, or one-on-one coaching.
  • Mindfulness Workshop/Design/Coaching – Helps teams and companies thrive by infusing their organizational culture with mindfulness. Through an intensive half/full-day offering or ongoing consulting, we design systems, projects, and events that grow wholehearted leaders, strengthen collaboration, and build corporate resilience.
  • 1 Giant Mind Learn Meditation course – Helps people from all backgrounds combat stress, increase awareness, and expand impact by equipping them with the step-by-step guidance to develop their own daily meditation practice. This 1 Giant Mind 3-Day Learn Meditation course is offered to the general public as well as privately for corporate teams.

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