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Brenda Umana, Of The Mind Ventures

Brenda Umana

Mindfulness Specialist, Wellness Marketing Consultant & Owner of Of The Mind Ventures

Some people are really good at picking one thing, I’m definitely not one of those. In brief, I’m a Mindfulness Specialist & Wellness Marketing Consultant.

On the one hand, I’m a teacher guiding people through yoga, meditation, breathwork, and mindful journaling. And on the other hand, I’m a mindful marketer working closely with small wellness companies, early-stage startups, and entrepreneurs on content creation, writing, and business endeavors. Together they serve the same purpose to me, in better understanding our mindset and intentions for you or your business.

I’ve truly created the career I want with the support of these mindful practices. I’ve seen them change my life, my mindset, my thoughts around myself and I believe they can transform anyone’s life. I practice them daily. I’m inspired by curiosity. I’m inspired by people’s willingness to learn. And I’m inspired by the endless amount of learning one can do in this lifetime. Yoga & Meditation are the subjects that feel endless to me and that’s coming from someone that gets bored easily and can’t pick one thing.

She/her/hers, Latinx


How to book: Online at www.beeumana.com

Services offered:

  • Private Meditation & Yoga
  • Wellness Marketing
  • Retreats
  • Launching soon: course/coaching services

Rates: Depends on services

Availability: As needed

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