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I teach yoga, facilitate meditation/innerdance, and Thai massage. I mostly integrate all of these practices into my yoga classes, but can also facilitate them separately. I teach a vinyasa-style with other styles intertwined. Innerdance is a music-based meditation that is more of an experience or a journey than an actual dance, and is different for everyone. It can be done alone, but is very powerful in groups. In my Thai massage school, I heard Thai massage referred to as “yoga for lazy people”, which is hilarious, but also made me think of how many people still think of yoga as being too hard, or only for fit/flexible people. I aim to create an experience for everyone, and for them to feel like these practices are not only accessible, but transformative and valuable to them.

I’ve started to integrate all of these practices into my yoga classes as much as possible. I use music, movement and meditation to bring people deeper into their experience; they all work together in bringing you into states of calm/ease and even shifting perspectives. Yoga is a beautiful practice on a physical level as well as on a philosophical/psychological level, and I love giving people these gifts by way of their yoga mat. Mainly, I teach a vinyasa flow style class, but I definitely bring some longer holds or meditations into the mix. I teach with the alignment of the modern body in mind, but also bring traditional aspects that people can apply to their own daily lives and hopefully resonate with.


How to book: email daniellemacgregoryoga@gmail.com or text/call to 206-915-2404

Services offered: Yoga, Meditation, Thai Massage, Innerdance

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