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Lexy Davis

Self Discovery Coach, Yoga Instructor & Owner of Alive to Enjoy

I am a self discovery coach, yoga instructor and conscious community creator! More importantly, I am a human who is trying to figure out this thing called life.

As an only child, in a low income home, with a single father, I grew up feeling alone and confused. I lacked the nurturing feminine energy during my childhood and this turned into me, unconsciously, discovering how to learn these traits. I realized how impactful listening, honesty, vulnerability and love was in my young friendships. I became the ultimate people pleaser and giver. This allowed me to completely numb my own feelings, cover up my intuition, and lend all my energy to others. I lived for making people happy and providing the love I always wanted in my life. Until, those feelings of loneliness and emptiness started to arise again, even though I had a large network of support. I realized I had no internal happiness, no time for myself and had no clue who I was. I started to drown in my negative inner dialogue and my self esteem was non existent.

I knew this wasn’t how I wanted to feel, but didn’t know what to do about it. Life kept presenting tough challenges, which I soon began to realize were teaching me to look inwards and grow. My spiritual journey escalated by going to college out of state in Arizona, studying abroad in New Zealand, then living abroad post-college in Australia for 2 years and getting my yoga training in Bali. In short, I began the selfdiscovery journey.

Now I love to show people how they have all the answers within, allowing them to become comfortable with themselves and creating lives they truly enjoy. I have always known helping others feel loved, supported and build strong connections was my calling – but over time I have gotten clarity on how to do this in the best way for my own well-being and others!

Through coaching, I help millennial’s prioritize themselves and develop a better understanding of their emotions, so they can handle life’s challenges with confidence and create a life they love. The most rewarding part of my work is watching people’s fears melt away, seeing them trust themselves and becoming empowered, whilst noticing their happiness levels rise incredibly.


How to book:

  • Enjoy life more coaching package: book a free 30 minute goal call here
  • Home-Ga: book here
  • Community Events: book here
  • Moroccan Goddess Retreat: book here

Services offered:

  • Enjoy Life More (3 Month Coaching Package): This includes 6 meaningful zoom (or in person) coaching sessions that you an hour of time being heard, seen and supported. You’ll get one custom 30 minute meditation, a personalized essential oil roller blend and thoughtful welcome package.
  • Home-Ga (At Home Yoga): In the comfort of your sweats and lack of intimidation from a classroom, this at home practice will change your life. You will be able to focus on any specific body parts or mindfulness goals on your own schedule!
  • Private Yoga Party/ Wellness Events: These range from all sorts of occasions (birthdays, corporate events, bachelorettes, old friends getting together, etc). I offer a variety of fun activities ranging from making your own essential oil blends and body scrubs to yoga nidra deep relaxations to vision boards and many more fun activities!
  • Join one of my monthly community events: Each one is revolved around a theme which includes connection, meditation, yoga, delicious plant based food, and journaling. Then other activities added depending on the theme. International retreats: 2020 will be a woman’s only retreat in Morocco

Rates: Depends on services

Availability: As needed

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