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Lindsay Shea


Lindsay Shea

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner & Owner of Luminary Healing Arts

Lindsay Shea is the director and owner of Luminary Healing Arts, a Reiki II Practitioner and Sendatsu-trained, registered yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga since 2011 as part of her personal journey to health, wellness and recovery from addiction. She has completed trauma-informed yoga training as a certified Yoga for 12-Step Recovery space-holder, has a bachelor’s in psychology and sociology, a 2-year certification in drug and alcohol counseling, and is pursuing a Masters in Addiction Studies.

Since early 2017, she has been offering a yoga group therapy program in an outpatient treatment setting to incorporate self-care through yoga, meditation and mindfulness into the recovery journeys of her clients. In her teaching, Lindsay blends mindfulness of emotions, physical sensations and breath into the physical practice of yoga, and offers restorative and yin practices with nourishing, hands-on touch supported by her custom-created, reiki-infused essential oil blends. She offers yoga and meditation workshop and retreats, anywhere from two hours to six, and is available for collaborations for weekend or longer retreats as well.

She incorporates trauma-informed and affirmative consent practices into her classes with the intention to create a space where all bodies, genders and humans are welcome and feel empowered in their practice. In 2018, she founded Luminary Healing Arts to offer yoga, meditation, essential oil blends and Reiki as a creative blend of all the aspects of healing arts she loves.

My pronouns are she/her or they/them. I am a small-fat, queer, femme, cisgender white woman. I work from a feminist and social justice lens in all my work.


How to book: email lindsay@luminaryhealing.com

Services offered: Individual yoga sessions, small classes, monthly workshops, retreats and collaboration

Rates: vary

*sliding-fee spaces for people who identify as part of a minority community- LGBTQIA, mental health or addiction recovery, BIPOC/POC, single-parents or others who feel they would greatly benefit from the services offered but need some assistance with the financial aspect

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