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Lindsey Toledo, Seattle Yoga Teacher



Lindsey Toledo

Yoga Teacher

Describe what you do and also WHY you do it

I teach a vinyasa flow style of yoga with a focus on safe alignment. My aim as a teacher is to share the physical practice of yoga and its teachings, and to provide an inspiring, nurturing space for students to calm, rejuvenate, and safely push beyond their limits. I love yoga and hope to pass on that love.

What is your methodology and style?

My style has shifted over the years. I love a good ashtanga-based vinyasa flow, and that style generally forms the basis of my classes. But I’ve also studied Iyengar, restorative, and Purna yoga, and like to bring in those traditions as well. I also love music and I spend a good deal of time putting together playlists, hoping to get the mood just right.

When did you know that this is what you wanted to do? How did you discover it?

I first practiced yoga as a teenager in my family’s living room, with my mom and a VHS tape of a hatha yoga class taught by Erich Schiffman. I knew I loved yoga from that first class, and completing a teacher training was a goal for a long time. Last year, I was figuring out how to shift away from my often stressful job in corporate event management, and there was a yoga teacher training that fit perfectly into my off hours. The opportunity showed up for me at a time when I couldn’t ignore it. I completed Corepower Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Fall 2017, and then went through their power yoga extensions program.  When I started the training, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to teach yoga – I thought maybe it would just be for my own personal growth. But through the training, teaching, and the studies I’ve done afterwards, I realized I love teaching and want to continue to share the practice.

What do you wish other people knew about what you do?

I think a lot of people get intimidated by yoga and think that it isn’t for them. I wish they knew that yoga is for anyone, and even if they don’t enjoy their first class, don’t give up on it. Try other classes. My class is likely not going to resonate with everyone and that’s ok! But that doesn’t mean they should give up on yoga as a whole.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

I hope that my classes empower students to listen to their bodies, and that they get in touch with that inner wisdom we all have. Hearing from students after class that they enjoyed it is always rewarding, and I love hearing that something I said or did made a difference.

How could someone’s life benefit from what you offer?

I always aim for folks to leave my classes feeling more at home in their bodies, stronger, and calmer. Modern life moves very fast and I think it’s very easy for anxiety and stress to creep into the picture. I want to provide a break from all that.  I also love to give mini massages and adjustments throughout class, so people usually leave with less tension!

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who go after what they want, but also know when to say no. I’m inspired by a great yoga class, music, a hike, films, traveling, and the people I love. I’ve also just moved to Vashon Island, so after years in cities, I am now getting inspired by the country.


Services offered: Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Restorative Yoga Classes

How to book: email lindseyatoledo@gmail.com

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