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Seage Harris

Energy Healer, Health & Wellness Coach, & Founder of Black Moon Company

My name is Seage [pronouns they/them].

I am a Reiki Master, Sound Meditation Practitioner, and Yogi Witch. Dedicated to producing consciously cultivated life/style content via Black Moon Company.

I create sound, offer wellness and ritual services; as well as curate an online high vibrational boutique. All with intention and devotion.

How does BlackMoon.Yoga fit in?

A sibling of Black Moon Company, BlackMoon.Yoga is a community building project. Holding space and raising vibrations via community/sliding scale sound meditation (sound bath), yoga nidra, yin, ritual and reiki offerings.

Pronouns: They/them. I am a sound healing artist, master level reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, ritual creator and vegan advocate based out of Seattle, WA. Black Moon Company is Sound Meditation & ASMR + Handmade Ritual Goods || BlackMoon.Yoga is donation based Yoga Nidra, Yin, Reiki, and Ritual offerings.


How to book: Book online at www.BlackMoonCompany.com

Services offered:

  • Sound Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yin/Restorative
  • Ritual Work
  • Coaching
  • High vibrational boutique

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