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Deconstructing Wellness: Courageous Conversations for Creating Equity

Winter: January 12th, 2021 4-6pm

In this 90-minute workshop, Holistic Underground will share principles for leadership and allyship that support you to engage with your work and community from a place of inclusion, equity, and dignity—as opposed to blame, shame, guilt, and defensiveness. During this time, Mazin Jamal and Raquel Najera will teach a leadership tool that gives you the ability to create the context for generative conversations and excellent allyship within the wellness and healing community, even with complex or challenging topics. 60 minutes will be an interactive discussion-based talk, with 30 minutes following for open Q&A. About Holistic Underground The folks we know at Holistic Underground and what they’re doing is incredible, and we are beyond excited that they’ll be kicking this seris off. Borrowing their own words, HU exists to support the success and integrity of social movements and visionary business, and to co-create the next economy where people and planet can thrive. They support projects that empower change makers, leaders and organizations in social and environmental impact, and aim to catalyze a more creative, sustainable and holistic movement towards a world in which:

✔️ all people have access to a sense of purpose and belonging

✔️ organizations are equitable and adaptable, enabling people and planet to thrive

✔️ people have the resilience and skills to work cooperatively across lines of difference to transform a culture of of separation into a culture of interconnectedness.


Deconstructing Wellness: Finding Flow — Exploring Gender, Embodying Inclusivity

Spring: April 13th, 2021 4-6pm

A full description with Tristan’s input is to come, but trust this workshop with Tristan Katz is going to be good. In it, Tristan will take us through an interactive discussion exploring the fluidity of gender expression, identity, and sexuality and how this full spectrum can be held and honored in wellness spaces and practices of all kinds, and beyond into the larger world, in ways that embody inclusivity.


About Tristan Katz
Tristan Katz (they/them) is, among many things, a very active, well-versed, and well-spoken leader in equity-inclusion facilitation and training for yoga teachers and healers, focused in LGBTQ+ and racial awareness. Their past and upcoming workshops include Lunar & Solar Energies Beyond the Binary; Social Justice for Entrepreneurs; Gender, Equity, & Inclusive Language; LGBTQ Equity-Inclusion for Yoga Teachers & Wellness Providers, and many more. They are also co-host of the All the F*ck In podcast. We are so thrilled to have Tristan lead us in this conversation.