august, 2020

sat01aug3:00 pm5:00 pmConnecting w/ Crystals -Charging & Clearing3:00 pm - 5:00 pm PST

Connecting with Crystals - Charging and Clearing

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If you love crystals and curious about ways to work more intentionally with them…then come (virtually) hang with us for a 2-hour intensive course on how to charge and clear your crystals!

Crystals come from deep in the earth’s core and hold the knowledge and energy to heal us in ways we are now beginning to prove scientifically. If you feel called to learn more about Crystals you came to the right place. Crystals when used properly can be a remarkable ally to anyone who is open to learning and expanding their intuition. As a professional Medium & Intuitive Healer, I can truly say these sacred tools significantly help me with my personal Spiritual Journey. My partner is a very gifted professional Energy Healer and Registered Nurse, who also has a passion for these amazing sacred tools. With our gifts combined, you are receiving a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you are experienced rock hound or completely new to Crystals, this is the class for you!


In this 2nd class of the Series you will learn :

A brief overview of the 1st course

How to choose the right Crystals / Stones to work with

How to use your own intuition to guide your choices and interaction with Crystals

How to create a dialogue and relationship with these energetic beings


Simple ritual/ routine to ensure optimal healing & manifestation power

How to properly clean, clear and care for crystals


Also Includes:

A guided intuitive practice

Guided Crystal Meditation

Energetic Crystal healing experiences!!!

This is 2nd of our healing crystals series.

You may purchase these courses individually or separately, we recommend purchasing the entire package.

$45 Single Classes


********Package: $175 (for remaining 5 classes) $35 per class!*********************

For details on purchasing the package contact GomezKaylaMarie@gmail.com


1. *Connecting with Crystals

i. (intuition/learning to listen/discern the messages)

2. *Charging & Clearing your crystals

i. How to keep your crystals clean and clear of unwanted energies and how to keep them charged for maximizing their use

3. *Creating scared space

i. (Altars / purifying space/clearing negative energy spaces / Feng Shui, using four directions intentionally placing crystals for manifestation)

How to use crystals to maximize the healing and uplifting energies of your space

4. *Self-healing

i. (Raising your vibration, Body scanning, removing negative energy, clearing Chakras,– -demonstration/yoga) – HOW and why Crystal’s work, their structure, properties, and formation.

5. *Creating crystal grids and programming

i. (Responsibly & properly creating grids for intentions/manifestation) clear quartz and programming, using crystals to enhance your life, manifest your dreams/goals/purpose.

6. *Spiritual Development

i. ( Intro to Akashic records, Spirit Guides, ancestors’, discern and enhance your psychic abilities)


Class Dates and Times:

*Connecting with Crystals – Thur June 25th, 5-7 pm

*Charging & Clearing your crystals- Sat. Aug 1st, 3-5 pm

*Creating scared space- Sat. Sept 12th 3-5pm

*Self-healing- Sat. Oct 10th, 3-5 pm

*Creating crystal grids & programming- Sat. Nov 7th 3-5pm

*Spiritual Development – Sat. Dec 5th, 3-5 pm


Class Prep

*We recommend that you order a crystal prior to attending the online class if you don’t already have one at your place of residence (this is in part why we are extending the date until June). Any crystal you have will work. It is not required for you to purchase a crystal just for this class.

Local crystal options- contact -connect@inneralchemytt.com

*You are able to learn and work with crystal energy without having crystals at home, we will have crystals for demonstration. But if you decide you do want to purchase one, we will provide recommendations for affordable and easy to find crystals.

*A free option can be to go for a walk and find a rock in nature. There are many pieces of quartz along the shore, usually, they have white/gray/ yellow on them and may or may not have a little sparkle. But remember, not all Jewels need to shine to be magical! All of nature is alive and carries wisdom and energy waiting to be discovered. Explore and have fun!


************Bonus Features**********

Connecting with Crystals series also includes a free membership to our private “CURIOUS ABOUT CRYSTALS” Facebook group online, where we share our knowledge and experience as a collective community. It important to meet your tribe, other people who have the same passions and interests as you.

Not only does this make us feel more connected to the world, but it also strengthens our trust in our own true selves. Find other SOUL SEEKERS who just want to be heard and accepted being authentically true to themselves.


Meet your Guides:

Tami Bensen Intuitive Healer & Psychic Medium

Tami Bensen is a Psychic Medium/Artist who specializes in reconnecting clients to their own internal guidance system. Understanding your intuition can reduce worry, Improve sleep, and increase confidence. She provides in-person & Distance Energy Healing, Readings, and Personal Empowerment Circles. Private Empowerment Coaching Programs are limited. Curious about Distance Healing? Try it out! if you are not happy we will schedule a complimentary in-person session when we social distancing is over.




Kayla Gomez Energy Healer

Kayla Gomez is an intuitive energy healer and yoga teacher who specializes in Polarity Therapy, a technique used to rebalance and align the body’s energy flow for optimum health and self-awareness.



What does an online format look like?

Download ZOOM for free!


Sometime prior to class give yourself at least an hour to properly download ZOOM on your computer or device. We will send you a link and a brief explanation a few days prior to class. Set aside time to familiarize yourself with how to “mute yourself “and turn your video on and off. Due to the high volume of participants, we are not always able to provide technical assistance for those who are new to this program. The good news is the Zoom website is filled with easy how-to videos!

* It is important to remember, that to understand the energy you don’t need to be present physically, energy transcends space and time. The online practices of energy healing are as effective as in person.

Register here.



(Saturday) 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm PST



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