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How To Help: A COVID-19 Guide

There are a myriad of detailed lists and round-up’s of where to donate and how to help, below are some of our favorite local outlets and the resources we’ve seen mentioned across the board:

Local Outlets

  • The South Seattle Emerald is always a great resource for local news and information, but their recent COVID-19 coverage and how it’s impacted our communities has been especially enlightening.
  • Crosscut is another insightful local publication, and I appreciated their recent piece on how social distancing is impacting people living with addiction and mental illness, and the groups they depend on.
  • One of my favorite daily newsletters is The Evergrey which has been putting together content that is informative, uplifting, and centering the experiences of marginalized communities.

How To Help

If you possess financial resources:

If you possess other resources:

Have something to add to this list? Send an email to hello@threemooncollective.com

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