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I once tried to fill a void in me with everything but my own love. I was searching outside of myself for something I already had within, trying to make myself feel worthy which was ineffective and missed the mark – because you cannot make yourself into something you already are. After struggling through years of addiction and depression, I was guided to the table of my Reiki Master. There I felt HOPE, which saved me and forever changed my life. I became unafraid to travel within my heart and mind to discover new spaces to heal by releasing burdens and blockages in order to find my way back to Love. Reiki taught me that I was not on a journey of becoming, but rather the journey of unbecoming, erasing the illusion of everything I thought I was supposed to be, allowing my True Self and Inner Child to shine again. On that table I surrendered to the flow and allowed myself to align with the healing power of Universal Energy and Eternal Love.  

I am now attuned as a Reiki Master in the Usui System for hands on healing and continue to study and practice intuitive healing and chakra balancing of self and others. I am fascinated by Reiki as a system of healing that revitalizes our bodies and frees ourselves from emotional issues, belief systems, addictive behaviors, and physical disorders that no longer serve us. When we ignore and suppress thoughts, feelings and unresolved issues, and instead find ways to cope, we carry this baggage which can lead to pain, suffering, spiritual bankruptcy, and illness. During a session I focus my consciousness on your sense of calmness, peace, and safety, transmitting universal energy through my hands to help you achieve deep relaxation, inner peace, and total well being, stripping away the baggage. I guide you through the release of your own physical, emotional and spiritual blockages, helping you to know your true identity as a spiritual being. Your life, and all life, is sacred. Sessions are gentle and VERY powerful!

Friends and family in the recovering drug, alcohol, and addiction community, and to anyone who wants to return to love and the feeling of hope, oneness, and being enough just as you are, please find your way to my table. My mission and life’s work is to be a voice of light for people who struggle with addiction in any capacity. Your willingness to change, asking for help, and exploring healing modalities are the first steps. Let these be the driving forces to help you take the next right action. I pray for you to find peace and to release whatever addictive patterns are standing in your way, and I thank you for allowing me to bring Reiki into your life.


How to book: Call (360) 969-1506 or email laurenactonreiki@gmail.com

Services offered: One Hour Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions

Rates: 60 mins $100

Availability: Lauren works out of Kirkland, WA. E-mail for availability. Evening appointments preferred. Home visits and distance healing also offered.


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