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Review: Thanksgiving Yoga With Jenny Rhodes

With dual intentions of awakening gratitude and earning my dinner, I made my way to Aditi Wellness Studio at 9:30 am on Thanksgiving morning. Jenny opened the door to the Wallingford Center with a warm smile—a nice contrast to the frigid morning air. 

After reluctantly taking off my shoes and socks (I still hadn’t warmed all the way up), I staked out a spot in the cozy yoga studio. The ample windows and attractive hardwood created a beautiful environment for our practice. 

We began by passing around a vial of Bergamot essential oil. After rubbing our hands together, we massaged our hearts with our right hands, introducing ourselves to our neighbors. The room lit up with delightful energy. 

With the class settled in, Jenny led us as we sang a simple mantra evoking gratitude and bliss. Without even a hint of shyness, we all joined in enthusiastically, synchronizing our voices as we followed Jenny’s example. 

For the next hour and thirty minutes, we worked our way through side planks, crescent lunges, and active vinyasas. We were called back to gratitude throughout the practice, even while pushing ourselves in deep chair poses. 

After a challenging yet peaceful practice, we set ourselves up with two blocks and a bolster to recline in queen pose. As we relaxed into a peaceful Savasana, Jenny gently pulled back our shoulders and opened our hearts. 

After wiggling our fingers and toes, coming back to reality, we sat up and said farewell. I left feeling refreshed, energized, and grateful. We certainly earned our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Jenny’s class was taught at the Aditi Yoga & Bodywork Studio, at 1815 N 45th St Suite 205, Seattle, WA 98103. 

Michael Bjorn Huseby is a freelance writer specializing in health, wellness, and travel. He loves practicing yoga, writing music, and attempting to speak foreign languages. If you want to learn more, visit bjorn2write.com

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