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Shadow Work Calling? Here are the Guides We Recommend

If you’re on the spiritual path, it’s quite likely you’ll run into shadow work or inner child work along the way. And while they might sound a little scary, we consider these foundational practices for releasing limiting beliefs, long held stories, and repeated patterns so that we can ultimately find more freedom.

But what the heck are these concepts, you might be wondering?

  • Inner Child Work: the process of becoming aware of the beliefs and coping mechanisms we learned as kids and acknowledging how they play out in our adult life. This can help create a foundation for shadow work.
  • Shadow Work: taking the subconscious beliefs formed in childhood or other parts of ourselves that we reject (our shadow) and learning how to accept and integrate them to show up as our whole, adult selves.


Now if the words “inner child,” made you cringe, you’re not alone. I have had a very strong aversion to inner child work up until recently. Mostly because 1. I didn’t fully understand what it was, and 2. Hearing someone say “embrace your inner child” kinda made me wanna yak.

But once I was introduced to this work by some of my most trusted guides, I uncovered a whole new layer of healing and inner understanding.

In partnership with Monica at Head + Heart, we rounded up our favorite guides in this blog post to support you if shadow or inner child work is calling your name.

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