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I absolutely loved my massage

I absolutely loved my massage with Abby. She took her time getting to know the unique needs of my body and it was the most blissful 75 minutes I’ve experienced in a long time. I loved that we were able to identify some problem areas for me and target those during the massage. I felt areas of my body loosen & relax that I didn’t even know were so tight! Plus, her space is very cozy and calming and Abby herself is so warm and easy to connect with.

6 months ago I started

6 months ago I started seeing Abby initially for just bodywork. Within that time I have learned so much about self care that I didn’t even realize was a thing. From stress management, to referrals for new spas, gym classes, even a place you go sit in an infrared sauna or wrap to sweat our some toxins and help with inflammation.
I have spent over 20 years playing soccer and 16 years behind the chair as a hairstylist, both have taken a toll on my body. I always look forward to my sessions with Abby and her suggestions for me . You can tell she truly has a passion to help others and it shows. I feel like every time I see her she mentions a new certification she wants to do so she can provide her clients with another tool or service. If you are somebody who wants to improve the way you feel mentally and physically and learn some tools to truly improve the quality of like GO SEE ABBY!! You will not be disappointed.

I can’t say that I

I can’t say that I would have made it through all of the rest of the craziness in my life without the hours that I was able to spend receiving massage therapy. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that you’ll not regret doing this, for your mind, body and soul. There is a reason why health insurance companies are starting to offer coverage for massage therapy, as it can definitely help us on our road to healing from physical as well as emotional/mental illness. And Abby is one of the absolute best at hearing what our bodies say, and what they don’t.