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Danielle shared essential oils with

Danielle shared essential oils with me about a year ago and it has helped me transform my life along with my family. She has supported me as I learn how to incorporate them into my life and gently assisted me in developing a daily routine that works for me and my family. I’m sleeping better, able to manage my stress better, and basically just have more tools in our household for managing daily life. ❤

I have known Danielle and

I have known Danielle and her amazing style of yoga for many years. I love that she includes essential oils and reiki in all her yoga sessions – it’s like a recharge for every ounce of who I am. Doing yoga with Danielle really brings me to a centered peace within myself and an expanded view of what’s possible just by breathing, moving with focused intention, and being present. I walk away in the presence of life and a full openness to whatever is next. Yin yoga has become one of my favorite types of yoga because of Danielle and the way she teaches it. Our world is overflowing with go, go, go and one session with Danielle is all about be, be, be.