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Janelle at Anatomy Apothecary is

Janelle at Anatomy Apothecary is an absolutely incredible intuitive and channeler of your guides. I’ve worked with Janelle for the last few years, including currently, and I cannot say enough about how incredible she is at her gift as a conduit to those guides who are on your team, and effectively part of who you really are. If you are looking for guidance, support, compassion, love, humor – look to Janelle as a channel. I read somewhere recently that 1 in 7 have consulted a psychic or channeler, but often we don’t speak of these things. Prior to meeting Janelle, I was hesitate to consult with someone in this way though other intuitives showed up in my life (as colleagues, friends, family, etc.). To know that Janelle is there to communicate spirit (or love, or God’s infinite being, or whatever you’d like to call it), is quite frankly a loving relief.

I had an amazing experience

I had an amazing experience with Janelle – her authenticity was readily apparent in her willingness to openly share her gifts with me even before I had decided to have a full reading. She simply can’t hold back sharing her gifts as they come so naturally to her with such an open heart. I whole-heartedly recommend Janelle for the variety of services and gifts she has to share. In my intuitive reading, I was floored by how she spoke my truth and story and by the guidance she provided that is still helping me stay true to my path even today.

I am so grateful to

I am so grateful to have worked with Dr. Janelle Clayton the past 3+ years on my journey! I thank my angels repeatedly for sending Dr Clayton my way! DrJanelle Clayton is the most gifted healer that I have ever known and has helped me to manifest my my greatest dreams! Since I have been working with Dr. Clayton, a whole new magical world has opened for me… My life has been blessed with an abundance of gifts both spiritual and material, I retired and dedicated my efforts to my dharma project, I met my soul mate, and so much more … I couldn’t have done any of this without the incredible gift of Dr. Clayton and the access that she has to my guides which helped me to listen, trust and finally surrender. Thank you Dr. Clayton!! With soooo much love and gratitude forever!! 🙏💕

Dr. Janelle gave me an

Dr. Janelle gave me an instant peace of mind. While also intuitive, I felt as though she truly valued my insights while supporting me with her guidance. Not only was my session fun, empowering, and action producing- it was relatable. Janelle has an expansive set of skills and real life experience that created an instant trust. I felt a love and non-judgment from her the whole time. I highly recommend her readings! You get more than you bargain for- in the best way.