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I started working with Lisa

I started working with Lisa while contemplating a few life changes and needed an objective perspective to help me through the process. Lisa is professional, direct and will push you out of your mental comfort zone. I recommend working with her for a variety of reasons:

1. She will interrupt when necessary and ask hard questions.

Unlike a conversation with friends, where you can ramble on and on about something, Lisa will interrupt you and ask why you just said something or force you think deeper about it. After a few conversations with Lisa, I realized it had been the right time for me to make this move for awhile but I needed to trust myself more to make this decision.

2. She will find ways to hold you accountable that work for you.

Lisa will help you find ways to be accountable without making you feel bad or assigning something that is not manageable or realistic when you have time constraints. Many of the exercises helped me clarify if I was ready or not to make this major decision. She is not judgmental about it but she will, again, ask tough questions to see why you did or did not do it. But hey, if you are paying for someone to help you with major life goals, why would you want them to be passive through the process?

3. She helps you trust your intuition.

As I mentioned earlier, Lisa is good at stopping a conversation and will ask you to do a gut check. For me personally, I can talk myself into or out of anything. Having Lisa stop me in the middle of my thought process and ask me how I really felt about something was the most useful part of my work with her. Because I can rationalize anything, I was overlooking how I really felt about a situation. Denying this was causing me to be tired and stressed all the time without me realizing it. I am not sure I would arrive to the same conclusions without Lisa and I am grateful that I did.

For me working with a life coach felt like a slow process. But then suddenly, I looked back and realize I’d uncovered a lot and arrived to important conclusions about what I had really wanted. For me personally, I started working with Lisa with the belief I wanted to change one specific thing. By the end of our process, I realized what I really wanted was to take my life in a completely different direction. And I credit that to this coaching process! I’ve recently reflected more on my coaching experience (I wrapped my work with Lisa a few years ago) and I realized I’ve also accomplished all the goals I set out to achieve when we began working together. The steady and sustainable change was what I needed.

Lisa’s approach is fresh and

Lisa’s approach is fresh and brings to light creative solutions and positive avenues I would have never come up with on my own. What I love most is her ability to help me problem solve and present me with constructive solutions. She is never judgey, everything is confidential, and our sessions are a safe space to work through things you haven’t been able to tackle on your own. Highly recommend.

Lisa’s life coaching is life

Lisa’s life coaching is life changing!! She has the most incredible way of relating to her clients. She always makes me feel comfortable and allows me to be vulnerable enough to get to the real root of things. I love the outside of the box tools and activities she uses to give me different perspectives and allow me to get outside of my own head. Lisa is fun, sincere, honest, professional, and has an unbelievable way of making me want to work hard, follow through, and make real changes. And the way she holds me accountable without making me feel pressured is extremely helpful for me. I could not recommend Shawcroft Coaching more!! Thanks Lisa!