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I never know what to

I never know what to expect from my sessions with Megan, and that’s what makes them so powerful! She is highly intuitive and able to pinpoint energetic blockages by listening to what my body and higher consciousness is communicating to her. I always leave a session refreshed and cleared, and notice the results of our work in profound psychological, physical and spiritual ways. I’ve made my energy sessions with Megan part of my ongoing wellness and spiritual practice. She’s the midwife to my highest and best Self!

As someone who didn’t know

As someone who didn’t know much about energy healing and who has shied away from anything holistic in the past, I was a bit skeptical to try something that seemed a bit hippie dippie and outside of my comfort zone. But, New York has seemed to increase my stress levels, sucked the energy out of me and somehow created serious subway rage/anxiety (ok, maybe that was around all along). A close friend suggested energy healing and I am so happy she did. I attended one of Megan’s all-day workshops and it was filled with a lot of information and hands-on training. I am not someone with a great memory, but somehow I was able to retain what we learned.

Megan is so helpful, fun, compassionate, down-to-earth and a great teacher. She was able to explain things in ways that I could understand and that actually made sense! Now, I start my day with the energy exercises I learned in class and when I don’t, I can actually feel the difference.

One of the best things about Megan’s class was that I walked out with the tools to continue on my own. If I have a question, she’s there to answer it for me. I’ll be scheduling a private healing session soon! I recommend highly!

I didn’t really know what

I didn’t really know what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. I had a lot of anxiety and didn’t sleep very well, my energy was low, my digestion was off. The way she works is very methodical, very well thought out, very intelligent and very sweet. She took a lot of consideration with what I was going through and worked very thoughtfully on my specific issues and gave me a lot of great feedback on what I could take home from our session. Afterwards I felt so rejuvenated. Everything felt like it was coming back into place and working properly again. I look forward to overtime I see her & every session I learn something new. I always look forward to my next session.

“I walked out of my

“I walked out of my session with Megan feeling awakened, alive, peaceful, supported, and healed. Her session helped me tap into and heal past life memories that I had never before seen or remembered until now. Through the session with Megan, I was able to fully come back into my body, to recognize that I could live on Earth and feel safe, and that I could trust other people to support me. I feel a newfound exuberance for life and a depth of trust and connection in the Universe and the process that is MAGNIFICENT. I also had re-curring elbow pain that has not come back since the healing session. A MIRACLE! Thank you Megan. You are an Earth Angel.”