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“We have been using Neave

“We have been using Neave to aid communication with our cat Muriel over the past year and a half. This has allowed us to work through some problem behaviors and develop a close bond. This week we brought home our new boy Nicolai, and the connection she was able to facilitate with both these animals was again so helpful in supporting our continued goal of harmony and love. Thank you so much!”

I took a two-day animal

I took a two-day animal communication workshop with Neave with an intention to improve my ability to connect with the horses I love & collaborate with through Horseback Yoga classes I teach. I came out of the experience positively transformed in ways I could not have dreamed of.

Neave is at once deeply reverent and profoundly authentically human, which enables her to create a safe healing space. She is a true teacher—empowering her students with the felt experience and embodied understanding that we all have the innate ability to do this work—and she provides very accessible strategies with which to move forward. She facilitates in the most disarming way, inviting us to find comfort in insecurity and step into the truth of where we are in the moment, because it is only from a place of congruency and truth that we can grow. The space she cultivates for practice and play fosters a childlike innocence where we are able to access the sense of Wonder that may have been lost from years of “shoulds.” And then the fun begins!

I came out of the workshop with a profoundly empowering healing practice that has truly shifted how I operate in relationship—not only with the animals, but also with my students, patients, coworkers, and my Self.

The experience of connecting with the animals was not what I expected—somehow it was just so natural and easy, not foreign at all, like I was simply re-learning a skill I had lost a long time ago. What a rich experience, and what life-affirming messages I received.

Neave is the real deal. Her talents in this realm are profound, and it is an honor to learn and grow under her guidance.

​Thank you Neave! ​

The Real Deal “Thanks to

The Real Deal “Thanks to Neave, I have been able to communicate to my dogs and cat – each with such distinct personalities, likes and dislikes. Neave also helped us with our young cat who died of heart disease – we were just devastated. I learned that one of dogs was equally devastated at the loss of his friend, and my other dog was quite worried about me as I was so sad. Fast forward, we now have new kitten and I contacted her to get a read on the kitten – we are a happy family!”