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Where do I start… Would

Where do I start… Would you just listen to me if I said, “Don’t waste your time reading this and buy something?”

I could say so many wonderful things about this woman’s products, but I will start with the one dearest to my heart. In 2018 my husband went through chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer. Under the best of circumstances he would only get 3rd degree burns from the radiation. The day the doctor went over all the things he should expect to endure from the side effects, I thought, “oh hell no”. I know someone that has magic in her products. I instantly reached out to Shawna for help.

I am extremely happy to report my husband’s skin never looked worse than a bad sunburn! His radiologist kept asking what he was using since his skin never broke. It’s magic.

I discovered MamaFish Botanicals at

I discovered MamaFish Botanicals at the first Samsarafest in March of 2018 & I have been hooked ever since. I take the elderberry elixir & the vital energy elixir EVERYDAY (I can literally count on 1 hand # of days I have missed). You can feel the love in all of her products. I get giddy every time a package arrives & I feel like she is hugging me as I open it. I have only had a short energy session (as of yet) at this years Samsarafest & it was so powerful & life changing I can’t wait for a full session. I have had many sound baths over the years but Shauna’s are like none other. She has a true gift & we are so lucky she is willing to share it with us. ✌🏼💗🌎