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I went to my first

I went to my first WEM workshop last Saturday and was affected more deeply than I had anticipated. I left instantly feeling new clarity in how I’ve been mismanaging my priorities and set out to change my approach that weekend. Just a few days later and I am already feeling more calm in my resolution to accomplish my goals and stick to the priorities I know are most important to me and that I can accomplish or make significant headway on.

Aside from my personal clarity, I also appreciated the security I felt in the room with the other women in attendance and made some great connections while in community with them. I highly recommend WEM to any woman, whether looking for a quick boost of clarity or more long-term guidance.

I went to “Her –

I went to “Her – Past, Present, Future”, and it was so eye-opening! The journal questions/prompts and conversations with other women at the workshop helped me connect the dots, and I truly was inspired to shift my thinking and actions in the direction I really want to go. Thank you for this powerful work!