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My Akashic Records reading with

My Akashic Records reading with Sica was really incredible. She is like an Oracle speaking directly to and from my guides in an easeful and peaceful way. It was a really beautiful conversation and all questions were welcomed. I felt so clear and supported and grounded after my session, knowing that my guides are always with me. Sica served as a gracious conduit to communicate what I needed to hear at that moment for my highest and best timeline.

My reading with Sica gave

My reading with Sica gave me insight I desperately needed as a new mom. Some of the advice clicked right away and some I’m finding useful months after the fact. I’ve had a lot of different readings over the years, but this reading is the one I keep coming back to again and again. The reading left me feeling empowered, peaceful, and full of love.

When I scheduled my Akashic

When I scheduled my Akashic reading with Sica I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Although, I knew a safe space would be created for the journey and it would feel good somehow. I also knew with Sica it would be authentic without projections of any sort. However, the tangible suggestions and guidance that came from our session I never would have expected. I have been lucky enough to have done this type of thing before with incredible people and always have had good experiences, however, none that have given me lasting helpful ‘homework’ and tools to help navigate and heal my journey long past the session. No matter where you are in life, a session with Sica will help you move forward with more grace and love for yourself. Take notes!

It was such an honor

It was such an honor to work with Sica and have her read my Akashic records; she is truly gifted and connected. Her warmth and kindness created a beautiful, safe space for the reading, which has been transformational. Her follow-up support has also been extremely helpful and insighful. I will definitely continue to work with Sica as my journey continues and am so thankful for her gifts!