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Sterling is the most wonderful

Sterling is the most wonderful photographer. Our first shoot together we hiked a trail to a river. I am not the most athletically inclined and I have a fear of heights to boot, but Sterling held my hand when I was nervous, and even found spots along the way to take some pictures. She has such a calming presence I instantly felt at ease with her. She was open to ideas but also had a solid concept in her mind. She always noted the details; whether my hair was out of place, or fewer ferns were needed. Spending the day tree bathing and sitting with my feet in the water was so restorative and brought me so much peace. I knew I definitely wanted to work with Sterling again. The finished photos were extraordinary. She really has such an eye, and such a gift for capturing an interesting shot. When I looked at the photos of me, in the woods, I thought, “I look like art.” And any photographer who can make her model see that in a photograph is an incredible artist.

Sterling was a wonderful person

Sterling was a wonderful person to shoot with. It was my first time shooting so I was nervous to say the least, but Sterling did an amazing job making me relaxed and reassured. She respected my boundaries and never asked me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with, all while effectively communicating her artistic vision. She gave good direction on how to pose in a way that mimics the natural surroundings, so the whole process felt effortless and enjoyable!