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“My astrology session with Trista

“My astrology session with Trista was very unique. I felt like I was on the edge of something, and with Trista’s loving guidance and open-nature, I was able to arrive upon some profound self-realizations. I felt safe in her presence to do some “dot-connecting” on thoughts and feelings that had been stirring within my soul. I left the session feeling refreshed, aligned, and empowered. I’d highly recommend Trista for any soul seeking clarity within a safe, inviting, yet exciting container.”

“Trista is a magnificent soul

“Trista is a magnificent soul with powerful wisdom that can change the course of your life, and yet she delivers it all in a very grounded and practical way. Whether you are familiar with Astrology or not, a reading with Trista will allow you to see the truth of who you are more clearly than ever before. Her guidance came to me at a critical point in my life, and proved to be the final key I needed in order to own who I really am and step into my power.”