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Welcome, Wellness Providers!

Being a wellness provider takes a lot of energy, time, and commitment to your craft. Add in regular business functions like accounting, planning, marketing, social media, networking, etc, and it can be easy to lose sight of why you decided to pursue a career in this industry in the first place.

That’s why we’re here. Three Moon Collective strives to offer wellness providers:

  • Connections with wellness providers and seekers in person and online
  • Opportunities for new referrals and collaborations to grow your business
  • Resources to help navigate the professional side of this work and maintain sanity
  • Support for tasks like marketing that can easily be daunting when going it alone
  • Expansion of your audience by spreading the word about your events & announcements via our weekly newsletter & social media channels
  • Perks with discounts to trusted local professional services such as photography, social media management, advertising, and wellness
  • Community magic with other wellness providers who are walking alongside you
  • Forums for posing questions, finding answers, and sharing wisdom
  • Learning opportunities like talks at our regular meetings
  • Events you’ll actually look forward to attending
  • Fun — remember that?!

Our growing community is made up of acupuncturists, addiction and recovery experts, doulas, energy workers, health and life coaches, intuitives and psychics, massage therapists and body workers, meditation and yoga instructors, nutritionists, tarot readers, womxn’s health professionals, and writers, as well as those seeking all of the above.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get oodles of new clients, make tons of $$$, or that running a business will immediately become a cake walk (we also can’t guarantee that it won’t happen!), but we can promise that you won’t have to do this alone.

Join us as we raise the vibration of our collective work together.

Membership Tiers & Perks

We’ve created three tiers of accessible membership and support to meet you where you’re at. Think of this as your monthly investment in building your community, your reach, and your message. Below you’ll see how our membership breaks down between the tiers, followed by more details on each offering.



    • Website listing
    • Mighty Networks Group
    • Community Membership Access
    • Weekly Cosmic Coworking
    • Monthly Moonday Meetings
    • Perk Sheet
    • Network & opportunities


    • 2 events or announcements featured in the newsletter & social media round-up’s each month


    • 4 events or announcements featured in the newsletter & social media round-ups each month
    • 1 Instagram Story takeover per year on the TMC account


    • Everything that is included in the Super Moon tier
    • Access to the virtual content platform
    • Content creation support & marketing

+ 1 time $25 set-up fee


  • Yearly option is paid in full
  • Trial period of 3 months required
  • Rates are subject to change upon renewal (with clear notification)

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