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Join us as we raise our Collective vibration together.

The Collective Membership was created to empower and support wellness providers in doing their life’s work. Entrepreneurship is hard enough – there’s no reason to go it alone.

Our Why:

After being in the wellness industry for a few years, there are a few things we’ve found providers tend to struggle with the most:

  • Getting exposure (and new clients)
  • Feeling isolated
  • Developing new business skills

Sound familiar to you?

Our mission at Three Moon Collective is to create opportunities for inner knowing and a deeper connection to self and others through authentic wellness experiences. And we want to recommend the most trusted and talented in the biz to our ever-growing community of curious wellness seekers.

That’s where you come in.

We’ve tried being a promotional vehicle in the past, and it’s not what lights us up or gets our community engaged. We’ve found that the most successful Collective members are the ones who our community gets to know over time through their consistent offerings, connection points, and collaborations with other Collective members.

We want to know all about you, what you’re working on, and how we can support each other as we redefine wellness, collectively.

So, we've honed our Collective membership to offer a few key things:

  • Profile in our Collective directory with your info, links to your offerings, and testimonials.
  • Events featured on Head + Heart’s mindful calendar.
  • Opportunities to be featured in Three Moon Collective’s weekly newsletter and social media (number of features vary based on our editorial calendar in order to provide the best experience for our wellness seekers)
  • Community forum hosted in Mighty Networks (like a Facebook group, but so much better!)
  • 2 live workshops each month:
    • Moonday Meeting: get to know the other members of the community, share your intro and intentions for the month, and connect over a relevant topic.
    • Intuitive Business Toolbox: hear from experts in the industry on a variety of intuitive business topics such as social media, marketing, organization, event planning, creating offerings, and more! 

At an accessible price point:

$ 27 Per Month
$ 270 Per Year
save $54

And co-created a dual membership for double exposure with our sister community, Head + Heart.

Head + Heart’s Uplift Membership includes: 

  • Profile in Head + Heart’s Directory of Teachers + Practitioners. We’ll create a beautiful page about your offerings and programs, so that those seeking your services and support can find you.
  • Your profile will be promoted on all of the relevant high-traffic pages on Head + Heart.
  • Opportunities to occasionally be featured in Head + Heart’s newsletter and social promotions.
  • Sell + promote your events directly on Head + Heart.
  • See more details here.
Get both memberships for $50/month or $500/year to invest in your personal brand, your community, and your growth as a provider.

Ready to apply?

But don't just take it from us, here's what our members have to say:

Got Q's?

Most frequent questions and answers

I’m so glad you asked! It includes:

  • Collective profile page on the website
  • Events featured in Head + Heart’s mindful calendar
  • Promotional opportunities in our weekly newsletter and social media channels
  • Access to the Mighty Networks community
  • 2 live workshops each month: the Moonday Meeting and the Intuitive Business Toolbox

We will review your application within 2-4 business days and issue an invoice and onboarding email once accepted!

Double the reach, double the community, double the exposure. We often collab on content with Head + Heart and members who are in both memberships will be our first picks.

You’re in good company. Check out all of our current members here.

We’ve found that members receive the most benefits of being in the Collective after 6-12 months, so we require a 6-month commitment.

We love to build relationships over time, and we want our community to have a chance to get to know you!

Still got Q's?

Send us an email at hello@threemooncollective.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!