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What Is Energetic Hygiene?

The Basics

Energetic Hygiene is becoming aware of your energy field and developing a practice to tend to your energy. All living things have an energy field, and how we interact with this energy determines the quality of that vital life force that flows internally and externally. Most of us can’t see our own or other’s surrounding energy fields, but we can feel them.

There are several energetic layers in an energy field, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers, which can also be referred to as energy centers. Each of these layers holds information, experiences, and energetic imprints. These energy centers transmit energetic communication internally and outwardly. An energy field extends several feet around the physical body, which means that you can pick up energy from other people, places, or things just by coming in contact with different energies and being human. Before you even open your mouth to greet another person, your energy field greets them first.

How Energy Shows Up

What I often see in my energy healing practice are clients experiencing feelings or sensations that aren’t actually their own. If your energy field does not have proper boundaries and isn’t fortified with your awareness and intention, any type of energy can come in and take up space in your energetic atmosphere. A common example would be an argument that may have just happened and you walk into that space, and you can still feel that energy even though the argument is over. That argument energy can permeate your energy field even if the argument is over. This energy is so powerful that although the argument didn’t involve you, you might unknowingly take on those negative feelings and feel like arguing but don’t know why.

One key point I see missing in individuals who are new to energy clearing practices is accidentally clearing out the energy you like and want to keep. We do not want to clear out all of the energy in your field. We want to keep the energy we like and transform and clear the energy that is not serving us to our highest good. Your energy clearing practice and frequency is determined by how you feel and what resonates with you most. Also, keep in mind that energy clearing isn’t going to remove your feelings – those will need to be dealt with by you, but it will clear up space for you to process your feelings, and not get confused and derailed by other energies and feelings that are not your own.

How to Practice Energetic Hygiene

There are several ways to caretake and clear your energy field, including, but not limited to, herbal smoke clearing, sound clearing, crystal clearing, elemental clearing, and salt clearing. One of my favorite ways to clear my energy field is to lie down on the earth and invite the earth’s energy to absorb and transform any energy that is not for my highest good. Give it a try! Begin with letting the earth know you are opening energetic communication by offering gratitude, a blessing or prayer. Imagine and visualize all energy that is not the highest good melting off your body and into the earth. Thank the earth for supporting you and say a blessing, prayer, or affirmation or offering to close out the practice. Developing an awareness of your energy field and developing an energetic hygiene practice will support a healthy and vital energy field.

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Sharlean Windus is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner & Intuitive Development Coach based in Seattle, WA. She offers a variety of events, Reiki trainings, and educational offerings to help people develop their intuition. Find out more about her offerings here.

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